Major Activities of KIAT

  • Technology Strategy
  • Technological Cooperation
  • Commercialization Supprot
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Regional Industry
  • parts & Materials Support
  • International Technology Cooperation policy

The Infrastructure Support Division assists in the establishment of infrastructure fundamental to national R&D activities.

The Regional Industry Division
devises schemes to reform regulations, plans programs, and conducts policy study and result analysis to support a new regional balanced development policy centered upon “enhancing competitiveness of metropolitan economies, developing characteristics of each region, and region-led development.”
The division also conducts specialized education and regional investment promotion expositions to expand the outcome of the regional policies.

Studying regional industry supporting policy

The division clarifies the direction of regional industry policy for the specialized development of each region, 
            through researching regional industry supporting policy, supportive program planning, and result analysis.

  • Preparation of annual report on regional development plan
  • Research into reorganization of regional industry support project system
  • Planning medium and long-term management for regional specialization centers
  • Result analysis on regional strategic industry fostering projects
  • Research on the present condition of regional R&D (planning of efficient management of regional R&D bases)

Evaluation and management of regional industry supporting projects

The division plans and manages regional industry supporting projects based on the Act on National Balanced Development (Act No.9629).

  • Fostering of regional strategic industry
  • Fostering of regionally specialized industries
  • Regional innovation center project
  • Fostering of regional manpower
  • Fostering of promising industry for metropolitan economies

Management of regional industry supporting projects and dissemination of result data

The division is establishing an advanced corporation-university cooperation system that results in mutual win-win conditions between 
            the cooperating bodies, by increasing support for the participating companies and aiding universities suitable for the system.

  • Opening of regional investment promotion shows
  • Management of joint council to supervise regional strategic industry fostering project
  • Management of workshops and steering meetings of regional characteristics center
  • Specialized education on regional innovation