Major Activities of KIAT

  • Technology Strategy
  • Technological Cooperation
  • Commercialization Supprot
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Regional Industry
  • parts & Materials Support
  • International Technology Cooperation policy

The Infrastructure Support Division assists in the establishment of infrastructure fundamental to national R&D activities.

The Infrastructure Support Division
improves the competence of engineers and researchers on the scene and fosters manpower to meet the demands of the future. In addition, it increases technology-friendly awareness towards people and boosts the pride of researchers and engineers.

Planning of manpower related policy and projects

The division assists in manpower fostering projects for companies and supports preliminary survey and result analysis to foster engineers as required 
            by industrial demand.

  • engineers as required by industrial demand.of manpower-related projects and result analysis
  • Strategic fostering of engineers and researchers
  • Assistance in SMEs’ employment of high-quality researchers
  • Supports technological education and innovation centers

Formation of technological infrastructure

The division strategically establishes technological infrastructure related to the productivity of research  development 
            by encouraging utilization of research equipment as well as the development of core equipment.

  • Establishment of joint research base
  • Establishment of supportive organization for Korean traditional paper industry
  • Establishment of supportive organization for fermented microorganisms
  • Establishment of design industry base
  • Promoting corporation-university-research center collaboration

Establishment of an advanced corporationuniversity cooperation system

The division is establishing an advanced corporation-university cooperation system that results in mutual win-win conditions between 
            the cooperating bodies, by increasing support for the participating companies and aiding universities suitable for the system.

  • Fostering collaboration-oriented universities with corporations
  • Supporting university-based corporations
  • Construction of a university-corporate cooperation network

Promotion of technology-friendly culture

The division promotes technology-friendly culture to improve the awareness of industrial technology and expand the social base.

  • Initiation of Korea Technology Awards
  • Construction and planning of industrial technology museum
  • Publication of books and teaching materials related to industrial technology
  • TechRoad Tour
  • Operation of Future Imagination Technology
  • Exposition