Major Activities of KIAT

  • Technology Strategy
  • Technological Cooperation
  • Commercialization Supprot
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Regional Industry
  • parts & Materials Support
  • International Technology Cooperation policy

The Commercialization Support Division establishes commoercialization promotion systems and transfers technologies 
            developed. lt also supports globalization of technology-based companies.

The Commercialization Support Division
identifies excellent technological assets and manages a global technological information service network for the commercialization of technology and the effectiveness of investment in R&D.
The division provides funds for technology commercialization in the future growth driver fields, and encourages the growth of global technology-based corporations by linking them with technology funds, The division promotes business-oriented networks of corporations, universities and research institutes, to transfer and commercialize technology for public use.
It also supports the establishemnt of an infrastructure for the utilization of intellectual property rights.

Commercialization policy planning and improvement of regulations

  • Strategy planning for technology transfer and commercialization projects
  • Operation of an academic degree course in technological management
  • Provision and fostering of public technology transfer organizations and technology-based companies

Promotion of technology market

  • Establishment and management of an information network for national technology commercialization
  • Operation of patent trust system and management of related organizations
  • Appointment of organizations for trading and evaluating technology, and supervision of the bodies

Linking to commercialization funds and financial aid

  • Development of technology financial aid policy and strategy
  • Management of new growth driver fund
  • Administering of commercialization-linked technology development projects

Utilization of technological assets

  • Development of policy on intellectual property rights and supports patent production of promising R&D institutes
  • Planning of intellectual property rights patent strategy
  • Providing assistance for the prevention of industrial technology leakage