Major Activities of KIAT

  • Technology Strategy
  • Technological Cooperation
  • Commercialization Supprot
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Regional Industry
  • parts & Materials Support
  • International Technology Cooperation policy

The Technological Cooperation Division exchanges issues on up-to-date industrial technology together with engineers 
            and researchers from all over the world, initiating the era of global technological cooperation

The Technological Cooperation Division
supports the international joint technological development of domestic corporations, universities and research centers. Through connections with major foreign technological organizations, the division leads global technological exchanges and innovation through up-to-date collection and analysis of industrial technology related information from all over the world.

Upgrading innovation capability through international joint R&D

  • Bilateral international joint technological development projects
    • - KOR-US Tech.
    • - KO-RUSSIA Tech.
    • - International joint technological development projects in
    • - Fields such as parts and materials
    • - Technology acquisition/technology complementation etc.
  • Multilateral international joint technological development projects
    • - EU Framework Programme
    • - EUREKA associated country membership

Establishment of an infrastructure for strategic technological cooperation

  • Road map for medium and long-term international cooperation
    • - Activities for international industrial technology cooperation
  • Provision of consultation and information on overseas industrial technology
    • - Establishment of overseas technological cooperation infrastructure
    • - Establishment of kor-8rit STIP cooperative infrastructure
  • Cultivation of technology experts
    • - Support in attracting overseas researchers and engineers
    • - Fostering of experts for international cooperation

Promotion of bilateral industridl technology cooperation

  • Kor-EU industrial technology cooperation
  • Techno Caravan