Major Activities of KIAT

  • Technology Strategy
  • Technological Cooperation
  • Commercialization Supprot
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Regional Industry
  • parts & Materials Support
  • International Technology Cooperation policy

The Technological Strategy Division studies and suggests national policies to promote industrial  technology,

The Technological Strategy Division
investigates, analyses and researches the drawing up of industrial technology related policies. The result of national investment to industrial technology is systematically analysed, and it is then reviewed to propose policies for effective alternatives. By using advanced techniques, the Technological Strategy Division sets integrated technology blueprints for the development of medium and long-term national technology strategy. Also, by collecting and providing trends and statistics related to industrial technology policies, the division helps corporation-university research programs formulate technological strategy.

Policy study and result analysis

The division creates new knowledge and information, suggests feasible technological issues 
            and systematically analyses the result of investment in R&D.

  • Promotion of knowledge ecosystem regarding industrial technology related policies
  • Establishment of an integrated infrastructure of research for industrial technology related policies
  • Result analysis of R&D
  • Determination of alternative policies and planning of R&D regarding industrial technology

Technological planning and strategy making

The division provides a blueprint of technological development and a road map, 
            as well as specific direction for investment in national R&D, with the assistance of an expert network and knowledge clustering.

  • Blueprint of integrated technology for knowledge economy
  • Technological road map for industrial source technology
  • Technological planning for parts and materials industry
  • Support for mid-tier R&D groups

Statistics and trend analysis

The division prepares statistics on demand for technological strategy formulation, 
            and analysis trends and issues regarding industrial technology-related policies.

  • Establishment of integrated statistical system for industrial technology
  • Establishment of statistical system for demand and supply of engineers required
  • Statistical survey of corporate R&D
  • Publication of trend book on industrial technology related policy