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The Korea Institute for the Advancement of Technology
is a public institute founded under Article 38 of the Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act. KIAT conducts various activities to promote technological policy, including: medium and long-term planning and result analysis; the construction of an industrial technology infrastructure; and the transfer and commercialization of industrial technology.


  • 02.02Formed a committee for the establishment of a technology development supporting institution
  • 05.04Establishment of KIAT
  • 05.04Appointment of the first president of KIAT
  • 08.26The government announced the second stage of the public institute advancement plan
  • 10.22Formed team under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy for R&D supporting institutions


A world class industrial technology development institute that heads the strengthening of competitiveness in the industrial technology ecosystem


Establishment purpose

Promotion of industrial technology innovation and support of innovation-related policy development through efficient and systematic project initiation

Major Functions

Study policy related to industrial technology innovation Medium and long-term planning and result analysis related to innovation Establishment of infrastructure for industrial technology Promotion of regional industries Promotion of commercialization and transfer of technology International cooperation